More About Me

Real Estate Broker


I am so glad you found my profile here at Professional Real Estate Eastside website.

Integrity and accountability are a must in my industry and that is how  I am wired! I tell it like it is, yet with respect, I would want others to show me. I like my clients to know I am here to educate and to help guide them through the process. If you want a hard-working experienced real estate Broker then look to me and my partner in life and work Bob Short. We love working together and using our skills in negotiating to help you buy land to build a home or just wanting to buy a home already built, or maybe just sell, we do it all! We also like to make it fun!

I also bring over 17 yrs of experience to the process. I have mortgage, design, and construction, and negotiated through many different real-life situations in my skill set. I will bring this to help you navigate the ever-changing real estate market.

I invite you to Sell with Susan and Buy with Bob!